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ITW Episode 6 – Spivey Gets Wild

Spivey from 1600 dust joins Craig And Nate to talk nerfs, ladder changes, friend requests, Raza priest, salt, outlandishly expensive cards backs and so much more! NOW LET’S GET WILD! #WILD #HEARTHSTONE

ITW Episode 5 – Mmm…(Danny) Donuts

Danny Donuts joins Nate and Craig to talk about all things wild! We get to know Danny. We list off the must have legendary and epic cards to bust into wild with. We talk the powerful giant warlock we’ve been playing. And we talk so much more! This episode is must listen. NOW LET’S GET WILD!

ITW Episode 4 – Reganis > Ragnaros

We are back early with a brand new episode of Into The Wild! This week Nate and Craig welcome the multi legend wild player Reganis Prime on to the show! We pick his brain, we talk inner fire combo priest and we talk card of the week! NOW LET’S GET WILD!

ITW Episode 3 – Warsong Commander it!

In episode 3 of Into The Wild, Nate and Craig return to talk about wild and what we’d like to see in 2018. We answer some listener questions. We discuss BIG priest and how the deck functions. We breakdown some priest cards.  And we have a tonne of laughs along the way. NOW LET’S GET WILD!