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ITW Episode 3 – Warsong Commander it!

In episode 3 of Into The Wild, Nate and Craig return to talk about wild and what we’d like to see in 2018. We answer some listener questions. We discuss BIG priest and how the deck functions. We breakdown some priest cards.  And we have a tonne of laughs along the way. NOW LET’S GET WILD!


ITW Episode 2 – The Wild Boys

In the episode of Into The Wild, we introduce the oh so handsome Nate Wolfe to the show. We talk about why wild is a viable format, tempo mage, and we discuss mad scientist and Aluneth for cards of the week. Stick around after the music for a wild treat. NOW LET’S GET WILD!

ITW Episode 1 – Born To Be Wild

“In the first episode of ITW we meet our hero Craig of Canada as he embarks om his journey through Wild Hearthstone! Will he climb the wild ladder to legend? Will he make you laugh wildly? Will he make way to many wild puns? Listen to find out!”