Who Is The Best Batman? (Feat. Adam Redding) | Craig & Co. #50

This week Stead is away so Craig has recruited Adam Redding from the SBFVGS Podcast to take his place!

From humble beginnings in Nashville playing with marbles to being friends with the big names in Hollywood. We talk about it all!

We talk about how to enjoy video games and also be a responsible parent, how people shouldn’t be bitter about reboots and having positive nostalgia for the future.

Also Pogs, Spider-Man on the PS4, “the perks are a lot better than the grind”, Lord of the Rings, Wheel of Time, Ready Player One, Schezwan Sauce, Kitkats, Batman Rankings, the Super Best Friends Video Sleepover Podcast and more!

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Who Is The Best Batman? (Feat. Adam Redding) | Craig & Co. #50