MBF Episode 9 – Daily Routine

Danny Richardson & Big Debo come together to talk about a typical day in each of their lives to figure out if they really are so different, morning vs night showers, dirty mattresses, why Debo doesn’t eat breakfast, nut jiggling, looking but not getting caught, battling traffic, DSL Rhonda, and so much more! Follow us on Twitter @BlackFriendShow #MBF

MBF – Episode #9 – Daily Routine.(mp3)

2 thoughts on “MBF Episode 9 – Daily Routine”

  1. I hate to tell you this guys, but women always, ALWAYS know when they’re being looked at.

    And half an hour decompression time?! I need at least an hour before my brain is clear.

    (I also don’t like to eat at work. And Target’s Market Pantry sugar-free instant grape drink is an excellent Kool-Aid substitute)

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