MBF Episode 98 – Everybody’s Got A Price

Danny Richardson & Big Debo come together to discuss a wide range of random topics from men hitting women, older women sleeping with younger men, bacon wrapped pizza reviews, James Garner, vasectomies gone wrong, Butterfinger drumstick reviews, Stevie Wonder on social media, the man that punched a bear, and we find out how important money really is! Also, stick around at the end to hear the breakdown of the racist high school principal! Join us for all this and so much more!

MBF – Episode #98 – Everybody’s Got A Price.(mp3)



One thought on “MBF Episode 98 – Everybody’s Got A Price”

  1. I fucking love listing to u guys. I have been listing since day one. U guys are funny as hell. Everyone needs a black friend and a spoiled ass cracker from Cali friend . If u ever need a ginger friend halla . I’m paste frickle white ginger frm th middle of nowhere . Keep this show going

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