WrestleMania 31 Preview

Danny Richardson, Big Debo, and Branden Carr come together to preview WrestleMania 31, make their predictions, and discuss the curse of the Money In the Bank briefcase, who likes divas wrestling, the collection of missed opportunities, what the Andre the Giant battle royal means to us, the redemption of R Truth, ┬ásaving the mid-card titles, where does The Undertaker go from here, Sting being overrated, and all of Branden and Danny’s WrestleMania weekend plans!

WrestleMania 31 Preview.(mp3)


4 thoughts on “WrestleMania 31 Preview”

    1. Ok, I’m a big wrestling fan and I am not ahemasd! Me and some friends ordered Wrestlemania this year and quite frankly, I thought it was awesome. The Money In the Bank just keeps getting better every year, Ric Flair went out in spectacular fashion and on top of that, the Big Show got punched in the face with brass knuckles! The only disappointment was the Tripe Threat match which ended TERRIBLY!

  1. Yeah, I am admittedly a wrslietng fan. Have been since the days when you weren’t cool unless you were.These days though I follow it way more reading results online, than actual watching of the shows.I’ve cut down to two PPV’s a year (One now). I’ve always made a habit to get the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania.This year I skipped Wrestlemania due to the retarded Big Show vs Mayfield match it just totally killed it for me.Maybe some day I will be able to kick this wrslietng thing but then again I’ve always got tapes I bought/made when wrslietng was good .

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